NJP-7500 Series of automatic capsule filling machine configuration

This model is an intermittent motion and hole plate type filling full automatic capsule filling equipment. In addition, it optimizes the design with the combination of traditional Chinese medicine characteristics and requirements of GMP. So it has the characteristic of compact structure, small models, low noise, accurate filling, and smooth running. Meanwhile, it can simultaneously finish broadcast capsule, separation filling, picking waste, tight lock, discharge, and module cleaning action. It is convenient for filling parts of the lifting mechanism so as to meet the business needs of large scale production. So, it greatly saves financial cost and human labor.




Compared with traditional machine, NJP series enhance the design of internal turret. Moreover, we adopt the original Japanese linear bearings in order to ensure the accuracy and service life of the equipment. With the design of underneath cam and the increasing of pressure atomization pump, it can keep the cam groove lubrication and reduce wear and extend component life. Furthermore, because of adopting computer-controlled, stepless frequency control and digital display, it is easy operation, eye-catching and intuitive. Additionally, it can ensure that accurate measurement and the load difference within (+-) 3.5% on the account of reasonable structure, three-dimensional adjustment mechanism and the uniform gap. (Machine is suitable for filling traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.) Protection device can keep operator and machine safe. It will automatic shutdown if it is lack of material. It's excellent equipment for making hard capsule, including drugs and health products. 




       Equipment specifications and technical parameters

Equipment model, specifications

NJP-7500 Automatic hard capsule filling machine




Net weight




Motor power


Power supply

AC 380V;50Hz

The highest production capacity


filled with capsule models

00#~5# safety capsules A ~ E

Capsules on the chances




Capacity difference


(After granulation, 40 ~ 80 mesh particles after filling)

Compressed air

0.09m3/min   0.3Mpa

Water requirements

Water ring vacuum pump distribution tank recycling, but also an external water

Vacuum degree

-0.02~-0.06 MPa

Water flow


Intake pipe diameter


Drain pipe diameter


Working temperature


Workplace height requirements

Artificial feeding2.6mVacuum loading2.8m

Working environment relative humidity




special function

Can increase the pellet filling device; powder collector function

Control System

Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, PLC control


Direct contact with capsules and medicines are made of 304 and 316L quality stainless steel





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