Butyl Rubber Stopper for Freeze-Dry Bottle

Butyl Rubber Stopper for Freeze-Dry Bottle

Model No.︰13-D and 20-D

Brand Name︰Sunhang

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.015 / pc

Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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Product Description

Butyl Rubber Stopper for Freeze-Dry Bottle (Lyophilized vial)
Product Description
Butyl rubber stopper for Freeze-dry bottle (Lyophilized vail)

Butyl rubber stopper is made by virgin grade medically Butyl rubber with non-toxic.
Butyl rubber stopper workshop is designed as per GMP standards, the workshops of vulcanization, die cutting, washing and packaging are up to the relative cleanness classes.
Butyl rubber stopper quality management system established and consummated as per GMP standards.
Automatic pre-forming and slice cutting process is adopted during Butyl rubber stopper production.
Advanced full automatic vacuum making vulcanization process is adopted.
Automatic stopper washing production line with powerful vibrating and blowing washing functions.
Successful compatibility test for rubber stoppers and medicine.
No leftover, international biological testing standard for biosafety and chemical demand, cleaness and hardness, sealability.
Butyl rubber stopper Specifications
Please check the following table
Quality: YBB
Material: Butyl rubber coated with Teflon/Parylene/PET/ETFE
Packing: PE bag in Bulk
Diameter of the top part
Thickness of the top part
Diameter of the plug stem
Total height
18.8± 0.2
3.3± 0.25
13.2± 0.1
13.8± 0.3
18.8± 0.2
3.3± 0.25
13.2± 0.1
13.8± 0.3
18.8± 0.2
3.3± 0.25
13.2± 0.1
14.0± 0.3
12.5± 0.2
2.2± 0.25
7.5± 0.1
9.6± 0.3
12.5± 0.2
2.5± 0.2

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